• Brooke Winka

    Brooke Winka

    Portfolio site for designer and illustrator Brooke Winka. The front-end was built using Next.js and Contentful was used as the headless CMS for managing the content.

    Next.js, Sass, Contentful

  • Tri-County Welding

    Tri-County Welding

    Professional site for Tri-County Welding, a well known and respected fabrication company that supplies structural steel for schools, hotels, and more. I worked closely with their team to design and build a site that was responsive, user-friendly and reflected their history as a company.

    Web Design, HTML, CSS, jQuery

  • Poké-Vue-Dex


    Useful Pokédex app for the simple fun of searching for information about Pokémon. Built using Vite(Vue.js), utilizing the PokéAPI for the data.

    Vite(Vue.js), Sass, PokéAPI

  • traviewhite-v2


    Version 2 of my personal site 🛸

    Next.js, Sass, Design

  • traviewhite-v1


    Version 1 of my personal site 🛠

    HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Design